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Other Companies Barry Owns:

Global Motor Styles

A Complete Travel Photo Art Product Line

More on Barry's Creative History

Four Decades Of Experience Is Impressive...

A Little Natural Talent Doesn’t Hurt Either.

After graduation with honors, from the Art Center College of Design,

Barry began an impressive career of photographing automobiles for

Ford, Mazda, Ferrari and various collectors.


He also has used his talents for resorts and travel destinations.

Photographing resorts for Sandestin, Arvida, Disney Development,

LaSalle Properties Bahamian and Vietnam Governments. He has

photographed projects all over America, Central America, Bahamas,

Vietnam, Paris, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Jakarta and many

other cities.


He brings his imaginative style to every project, capturing the

energy and focus of each image. Many of his shots feature his

unique proprietary photo technology he has developed to produce

breathtaking panoramic images.

Pacific Design Works, Inc.

A Full Service Branding/Advertising Consultancy

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